Worth the Review: Keeping Faith in an Age of Reason

Keeping Faith in an Age of Reason: Refuting Alleged Bible Contradictions by Jason Lisle. Published by Master Books.

We’ve probably all heard people give their excuses for why they don’t believe or trust the Bible.

It’s old. It’s irrelevant. Science disproves it. It was written (or translated) by men…

Among all the excuses there is always this one: there are too many contradictions.

Since this is not an issue I struggle with, I have to admit that this excuse throws me a bit. I’m not a “scholar” by any means, but I read my Bible. I study God’s word. I’ve just never been one to see these contradictions – they don’t stand out to me. Still, I need to be prepared to handle these conversations with wisdom and grace.

That is why I’m so thankful to have been given this opportunity to preview Jason Lisles new book Keeping Faith in an Age of Reason published by Master Books.

Upon reading this book, I was immediately thankful to the author for taking the time in his introduction to explain and define “contradiction”. He also made sure to explain several common fallacies. This helped me to better understand where a critic might be coming from.

Then Jason Lisle dives right into his list of over 400 claims of contradictions.

Over 400?!? Seriously? Yes. Apparently so.

In his book Keeping Faith in an Age of  Reason  Jason Lisle covers six different areas of contradictions: Quantitative Differences, Names, Places, and Genealogies, Timing of Events, Cause and Effect, Differences in Details, and finally, Yes and No.

Normally the type of material covered in this book would be overwhelming to me. However, Jason Lisle does an excellent job taking each contradiction and explaining what type of fallacy it is, breaking it down and giving facts in a brief and concise manner that makes it easy for the reader to understand and be drawn in. I learned so much from this book, and found it hard to put down. 

I hope that you take time to read this book. There is much to take in and learn from it. I hope it causes you to be a Berean. To dive into your Bible and seek the Truth for yourself. 

2 Timothy 3:16-17(ESV)

All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.”

**I was given the opportunity to preview a pdf version of this book from New Leaf Publishing Group in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated for this review and all opinions are my own.**


Worth The Review: The 10 Minute Bible Journey

Hello friends! Today I bring to you another new release from my friends at New Leaf Publishing Group and Master Books*.


The 10 Minute Bible Journey by Dale Mason is an adventure you will want to embark on. Need to brush up on your apologetics? I’m not going to lie, even though I hear this word pretty often, and I’ve asked people to explain it to me, they usually make it sound more difficult than it is. So in case you are like me, and you just smile and nod when people bring up apologetcs… let me make it easy for you. It’s WHY you believe, WHAT you believe. It all comes back down to 1 Peter 3:15. We need to be “…ready at any time to give a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you.”

This book takes you through the Bible in a quick “10 minute” devotional style that is simple to read with its down to earth narritive, yet is informative and entertaining. It draws the reader in, and leaves you wanting more. My first night reading it, I went through 10 chapters! (I could have kept going, but knew I needed to get some sleep!)

I’ve always taken the Bible at its word. Never really questioned what it said. However, I know not everyone is that way, and there are a lot of skeptics out there. The 10 Minute Bible Journey addressed questions that I had never considered before. Now, I feel better equipped to discuss them, should others ask me these questions.

I loved that this book was informative without being overly deep. I think this book would be great to share with any teenagers in your life, new believers, or anyone desiring an overview of the Bible. It is great for individuals, families, small groups…

It includes 52 Biblical accounts with summaries, notes, devotional passages, and fun facts!

The 10 Minute Bible Journey “includes a 2½ foot fold-out timeline that integrates the events from each chapter and a chronology based on James Ussher’s calculations into a comprehensive overview from Creation to the present day.”

I highly recommend adding this book to your families collection. I look forward to sharing it with my children.

*Links to Master Books are my “referral link” – I do not get paid by Master Books, but as a customer I am given a referral link. Should you use it and place an order I would receive points to go towards future purchases. I was not paid for this review. I was given an electronic version of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. The quote with information about the fold-out timeline was taken from Master Books website.

Worth The Review: Quick Answers to Tough Questions

In the culture we live in today, we find ourselves often needing a quick answer when approached by someone with a tough question. The Bible says to be prepared to give a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you. (1 Peter 3:15)


In their book, Quick Answers to Tough Questions, authors Bryan Osborne and Bodie Hodge do just that. I found myself being drawn into this book because it was informative and fun to read. They were able to explain technical subjects, such as radiometric and carbon dating (which typically cause my eyes to glaze over and I usually skim, instead of actually read) in a way that made sense to me. I now feel better equipped to discuss these particular topics. The authors did a fantastic job of explaining terms that we often hear, but may not be sure of exactly what they mean.

Each question and answer just take up about 2 pages, so it really takes just a few minutes to dive into a specific subject. At the beginning of each chapter you can find a list of the Bible references discussed in that specific chapter. I appreciated this because it allowed me to prepare for what I was about to read. It should encourage all readers to “be a Berean” – we should all examine the scriptures for ourselves. (Acts 17:11) To follow along with the points the authors are making in the book. And they do make some really great points.

I really enjoyed the artwork in the book. It draws you in with its beauty, and highlights a key sentence from the text.

The book is fairly short (less than 100 pages) but don’t let that cause you to think that it is lacking in information. In it’s 85 pages or so, it covers a wide range of topics from the Bible, evolution, and creation. Most importantly it gives a clear and concise explanation of the Gospel. And that, my friends, is what this world needs.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book on my own, and found myself making a mental list of friends and family that I wanted to share it with. I also think it would be great for a small group Bible study, and hope to pursue that with some friends in the near future.

** I was allowed to read a digital version of this book from the publisher for being a part of their review team. I was not compensated in anyway, and all opinions are my own. I do, however, have a referral link. You are welcome to use it, or not. I just get points to use towards future purchases if you do 🙂

Worth the Review: The Whole World Needs Jesus

Recently I saw a post on Instagram from Ann Dunagan asking people who were willing to help promote her book “The Whole World Needs Jesus” to email her about an opportunity. So I did, and she quickly mailed me a copy of the book.** I was so excited to receive it that I immediately opened it and read it the instant in arrived in the mail.

The Whole World Needs Jesus” written by Ann Dunagan. Illustrated by Caela Rose Dunagan.

(Be sure to check out #wholeworldneedsJesus on social media!)

Y’all. I love this book. It is a sweet and delightful book, written in rhyme with whimsical illustrations that will draw in the young, and the young at heart. It teaches that we all have a part in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with everyone we meet. The book teaches the gospel message – that all have sinned fallen short of the glory of God – but God so loved the world that he sent His one and only son, and who ever believe in Him will not perish, but have eternal life. However, there are people all over the world that have never been taught this beautiful truth. It doesn’t matter if they live next door, or in a land far away. It doesn’t matter if they look like us, or are our complete opposite. It doesn’t matter their age. If they are rich, or if they are poor. What language they speak or the food that they eat… 

This sweet story teaches that:

New Life is a wonderful gift for each one

But some still haven’t ONCE

Even heard what God’s done!

Who will take the Good News

To all those far away?

Who will help?

Who will give?

Who will kneel down and pray?


We all have a part

So just lend a hand

Till the message of Jesus

Has reached every land.”

And that my friends is the beautiful truth of the Great Commission.

This book is a great story on its own, and would be a wonderful read aloud for every family. It would be great to purchase a copy and donate to your local library. This would be great for your children’s Sunday school class. Homeschoolers could use this in school to kick off a mission study, or when learning about specific missionaries. Grandparents should read this with their grandchildren. Y’all. Everyone needs this book. It is precious!

~~ Thank you, Ann Dunagan, for allowing me the opportunity to receive and review your precious book. It is one we will treasure forever. ~~

Learn more about Ann and her precious family at: MissionMindedFamilies.org

**I received a free copy of the book “The Whole World Needs Jesus” from the author. All opinions are my own, I have not been paid or reimbursed in any way for my review. All links go straight to the authors information, or to bible references. They are not affiliate links.